Thursday, 13 October 2011

NYX swatches

I received my Cherry Culture parcel of NYX products the other day and was so happy that i ordered more products hahah. So what i order was 4 single eyeshadows in Highlight, Pure Skin, Taupe & True Taupe , 2 round lipsticks in Haute Couture & Hebe and finally 2 palettes The Runway Collection in Romance and For Your Eyes Only in Sexy Blue Eyes, both come with 10 eyeshadows. So far i love them, i had already purchased NYX products off a ebay seller that i highly recommend "Joy's Cosmetics", but they were only lip products. The Eye Shadows are great and can't wait till my other parcel from Cherry Culture arrives, because it is so hard to find NYX products or if you do find the rarity of NYX products in Australia you can expect to pay at least  double the original price!!

Also the sadness that i accidentally dropped Taupe when getting it out of the box and it broke a little! so hence the reason it is broken in the photos.

So without further adieu here are the photos of the products and the swatches!

Top Palette - Blue Eyes, Bottom Palette- Romance

Single Eyeshadows (Left to Right) Pure Skin, Highlight, True Taupe, Taupe

Round Lipsticks (Left to Right) Hebe, Haute Couture

The Runway Collection- Romance, 
(colours from top to bottom of palette)

For Your Eyes Only- Sexy Blue Eyes
(colours from top to bottom of palette)

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