Saturday, 24 December 2011

Apology and Update.

I know i am the most horrible blogger there ever is!! i did i even manage to neglect my poor little blog!! So i am back and i have decided to add a few new features to my blog.
1. i am going to try and do my blog posts ( seeing as i am lacking in those haha)
2. i am adding Outfit Of The Day posts to the mix.
So at first i was only going to do OOTD only on my youtube channel but that was just getting a little bit difficult for me to remember to try and film my outfit every now and then to put up, were now it has become a habit in the last couple of weeks for me to take a photo of what i have been wearing when i was going out for the day.

So obviously i am not going to post every day but i will be taking photos of what i have been wearing and then over the course of the week i will eventually upload all the photos. At the moment i have only been using the camera that is in my iPhone, which is very low quality compared to the cameras i am used to using, so eventually i will remember to use my DSLR to take the OOTD photos .

Right now i am going to upload all the photos and back track OOTD and give you dates, so pre-warning you there may be multiple posts from me tonight and lets hope that my memory (what little memory i have) helps me to remember to post quite frequently.

- Kayla :)

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